Application performance optimization

How to optimize your applicaiton's performance

Migrate the server to Elastic Cloud from legacy IDC

Stop paying for fixed high-cost server-hosting. Migrate to Elastic Cloud and pay only for what you use.

Measure and optimize your application's performance

Reduce your costs by optimizing the performance of your application.

Choose cost-effective vendors

Choosing the most suitable services can reduce your cost without effecting your core business goals.

Use Transfon managed products

Replace your commerical service with Transfon's managed, open-source software.

$7,562 57%

System cost

$7,562 57%

Application performance

$1,261 27%

Services cost

$32,938 13.5%

Total earnings

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Why optimize your application's performance

Poor web application performance

Poor web application performance is not only killing your user's experience, but also giving you higher hosting costs. High-performance applications can be more than ten times more cost-effective than low performance applications.

Unscalable application architecture or design

Many people spend too little time developing their applications. They consequently don’t foresee those scaling issues that arise when their traffic or user-numbers grow.

Poorly written code and slow database queries

Poorly written code can lead to a host of web application issues: inefficient algorithms, slow database queries, memory leaks, and application deadlocks – all of which cause wasted resources.

Wrong architecture

Software architecture defines any problems you may encounter during implementation. Good architecture should make software strong, easily maintained, adaptable to requirements, flexible, extendible, and scalable. However, the wrong architecture will decrease performance and increase the costs of adding features.

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Optimize your application’s performance

  • Migrate your server to Elastic Cloud from IDC
  • Measure and optimize your application’s performance
  • Deliver reviews and auditing reports
  • Implementation and development or migration
  • Follow-up review and comparison of cost-reduction
  • Monthly cost and performance reporting (an optional Transfon-managed service)

Process and timeline

  • Two weeks auditing and reviewing
  • N weeks depending on the result of the review
  • Four weeks monitoring after the performance-optimization process

Why choose Transfon

Based on open-source software

Built cost-effectively based on open-source software.

Complete automation

Cost-effective automation saves you work.

Transparent and no vendor lock-in

We work transparently, and cancellation is simple.

Build by experts and experienced engineers

Our experts have experience managing large-scale and business-critical web systems.

For publishers and the media

Cost-reduction, performance optimization, availability improvement, and more.

For E-commerce systems

Support for spikes in traffic on Black Friday or other promotional events.

For Mobile applications and API

Performance optimization, availability improvement and more.

For Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

No two systems are the same. Improve your system with Transfon.

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