Architecture design and review

The factors in our heart

Transfon enables you to grow the business without concern the system issues. Compete with other companies.

High availability with cost in mind

Built-in redundancy

High performance



Cost efficent

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High availability with cost in mind

High availability and the cost is a tradeoff, the decision is justified from the point of view of finance.

High performance

Development performance, mantainance cost and the performance of the language is also a tradeoff.

Think about scalablity

Keep scalability in mind from the day one, or you have to pay the technical debt sooner or later.

Based on business requirements

For new systems, provide solution and design based on the business requirements.

Tackle the bottleneck

For existed old systems, application performance measurement and optimization

Re-architecture now

Why to review your system architecture

It is the key to build a successful internet business to make architecture correct. It impacts the system running cost, performance, user experiences, security and the continue growth of the business.

Software architecture is the key to extension, migration and evolution. But it is very hard to change once the system is developed.

Not having the correct architecture is a common issue of web systems and open source softwares. There are several major reasons why most of the small businesses can't have the correct system architecture:

  1. Most of the modern web system are built based on Open source softwares. Some features in the software may not designed at the scale which your business need.
  2. Not every companies have the person overseeing all aspects of the system including cost, performance, securities, long term business goal etc.
  3. Developers and team are too busy to foucus on developing and finish the business requirements.
  4. Technoloies are moving very fast to catchup with the trend for every SMBs.

We have helped customers to reduce the latency by 50% and reduce the CPU usage by 60%.

Let the experts from Transfon help you review the system and identify the potential issues.

The software architecture of a program or system is the structure or structures of the system, which comprise software components, the externally visible properties of these components, and the relationships among them. Software architecture is the key to success.

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Why choose Transfon

Based on open-source software

Built cost-effectively based on open-source software.

Complete automation

Cost-effective automation saves you work.

Transparent and no vendor lock-in

We work transparently, and cancellation is simple.

Build by experts and experienced engineers

Our experts have experience managing large-scale and business-critical web systems.

For publishers and the media

Cost-reduction, performance optimization, availability improvement, and more.

For E-commerce systems

Support for spikes in traffic on Black Friday or other promotional events.

For Mobile applications and API

Performance optimization, availability improvement and more.

For Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

No two systems are the same. Improve your system with Transfon.

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