Cloud migration service

The benefit of Cloud migration by Transfon

We can help you managing your application, websites on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure Cloud and self managed IDC.

Cost effective solutions

We will optimize the hosting cost during the migration process.

Performance optimization

We will optimize the application performance during the migration process.

Best practice security

We will apply the security best practice for the new infrastructure and architecture.

High availability

High availability architecture design and keeping the cost in mind.

Cloud Automation

Make all activities related to cloud as fast, efficient, and as hands off as possible.

Better insight

Gain better insight about the performance, cost, availability.

Enhanced networking

Utilize the enhanced networking from Cloud services when necessary.

Multi-Cloud support

No vendor lock-in, supports multiple cloud or on-premise.

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For Digital Marketing and Media Campaign

Auto-scaling on the Cloud can support traffic spike and provide better performance.

For media websites or API

High avaliablity and better performance insight can improve end user experience.

For high performance website

Low latency is important for High performance websites. Improve the user retention and providing a better experience.

For web and mobile appliation

Enhance your web application with ready to use cloud services. Get started quickly, ensure high quality.

For data analytics

Easily provision, scale the cluster dynamically and pay only for what you use.

Migration to cloud now

Cloud and server migration

  1. Current system, infrastructure review and analysis, planning.
  2. Implementation and development or migration.
  3. Follow-up review and comparison of cost-reduction.
  4. Monthly cost and performance reporting (an optional Transfon-managed service)

Process and timeline

  • Two weeks auditing and reviewing
  • N weeks depending on the result of the review
  • Four weeks monitoring after the performance-optimization process

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Why choose Transfon

Based on open-source software

Built cost-effectively based on open-source software.

Complete automation

Cost-effective automation saves you work.

Transparent and no vendor lock-in

We work transparently, and cancellation is simple.

Build by experts and experienced engineers

Our experts have experience managing large-scale and business-critical web systems.

For publishers and the media

Cost-reduction, performance optimization, availability improvement, and more.

For E-commerce systems

Support for spikes in traffic on Black Friday or other promotional events.

For Mobile applications and API

Performance optimization, availability improvement and more.

For Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

No two systems are the same. Improve your system with Transfon.

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