Managed Cloud and server services

Transfon managed cloud service

Managed Cloud and servers

Accelerate your business with the power of the Cloud managed by Transfon

We can help with your continued management of a project on the Cloud. You needn’t hire in-house experts to support your system

Never pay for unused resources. Never lock in vendors. With the power of the Cloud, you can scale your solution to accommodate for peaks in traffic whenever necessary – ensuring maximum cost-efficiency and industry best practice.

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AWS / GCP / Azure

We can help manage your application, as well as your websites on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure Cloud.

Continued monitoring and maintenance

Security monitoring and enhancement

Cost-monitoring, optimisation, and reporting

Application performance monitoring

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Managed systems on your own Cloud

We have managed systems for you to use

Accelerate with managed systems

Use cases

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We are adding value and create value based on open-source software

How can we improve your digital business

Why choose Transfon

Based on open-source software

Built cost-effectively based on open-source software.

Complete automation

Cost-effective automation saves you work.

Transparent and no vendor lock-in

We work transparently, and cancellation is simple.

Build by experts and experienced engineers

Our experts have experience managing large-scale and business-critical web systems.

For publishers and the media

Cost-reduction, performance optimization, availability improvement, and more.

For E-commerce systems

Support for spikes in traffic on Black Friday or other promotional events.

For Mobile applications and API

Performance optimization, availability improvement and more.

For Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

No two systems are the same. Improve your system with Transfon.

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