Transfon helps you transform the web infrastructure and architecture

Large scale web and mobile system architecture and design

Web application performance optimization

Cloud and server cost auditing and reduction

Cloud and server migration

Managed server and cloud services

Data analysis and Intelligence

IoT system architecture and solutions

What we are doing

Technologies and expertise make your website, mobile API and business system more reliable, scalable, cost efficient. Deliver better experiences to your customers with lower cost. We can help you to create a project on the Cloud, move a project to the Cloud or manage a project on the Cloud.

Web infrastructure design and architecture

We can help you design and architecture large-scale web systems. Turn your MVP into a scalable live production system. Or re-architecture your existed business system to be more reliable, scalable, cost-efficient.

Managed cloud and server services

Maximize your team’s productivity by letting Transfon manage the IT infrastructure and servers. Different service levels are available for each managed service offering ensuring you get the responsiveness you need.

Cost reduction service

We can help you review the IT infrastructure architecture, cost and reduce the cost by optimizing the performance whether you hosting the system in legacy IDC or on AWS, GCP, Azure Cloud. Potentially reduce your AWS costs up to 60%.

Transfon Gateway Coming soon

Transfon Gateway protects your web application and data but also monitor and optimizes the performance of your website or mobile API.

Transfon programs

For helping the startup community, we are running programs help early-stage startups who are lacking research and development resources. Help you turn the ideas into MVP, turn the MVP into the business system.

System design, review and architecture for startup companies

Build the architecture correct and scalable is important for early stage startup companies. We provide free architecture design review for startup companies.

Build, Own and Transfer

We cooperate with customers and seeing you as partners, share the ownership of the project. Potentially transfer the full ownership to you.

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