Technology-as-a-Service platform for publishers and marketers

Data Privacy and Security, Performance and User Experience,
Regulation Compliance, User and Revenue Growth

Transfon Platform

UniConsent CMP for GDPR / CCPA

UniConsent provides the solution to ensure GDPR / CCPA compliance for publishers. UniConsent is an IAB Europe certified consent management platform.

Transfon Web Gateway WAF 360

Transfon Web Gateway WAF360 protects your web application and data, but also monitors and optimises the performance of your website or mobile API.

Audience Management Platform

Grow your audience, traffic and lift by advertising revenue by building and better using your first party audience data.

PubPerf Analytics

All in one dashboard for digital publishers: Website Speed, Content Performance, Revenue Analytics and Optimisation.

Ads.txt Manager

Make it easy to manage ads.txt, ads.txt management and insight tool for publishers and agency.

Customer data platform for marketers

Customer acquisition, retention, personalisation, analytics and automation for digital marketers.

Headless CMS deliver digital content at scale

Turn your legacy monolith solutions to the Headless CMS. Distribute omni-channel content and experience at scale

Programmatic Bidding Stack

Simplify your programmatic ad-stack and bring header bidding in house.

PubSurge data management platform

First party user data platform for digital publishers. Data capture, consolidate, resolution, segmentation and distribution.

Transfon Tag Manager

Effortless implementation with one single tag solution, customise and manage all your tags with one TAG.

Retail and E-Commerce Solution

eCommerce technology solution and integration for shops

Managed Online Marketing for eCommerce

Retail Customer Experience Solution

User growth solution for eCommerce

Strategic Services

Our Strategic Services offerings are designed to compliment our technology products and arm your business with the knowledge and best practices.

Cost auditing and reduction service

We can review your IT infrastructure architecture and cost. Let us reduce your costs by optimizing your performance - whether you host the system in legacy IDC or on AWS, GCP, or Azure Cloud. We can reduce your AWS costs by up to 60%.

Managed web server and Cloud

Maximize your R&D team’s productivity by having Transfon manage your IT infrastructure and servers. We have different service levels for each managed service, ensuring you get the responsiveness you need.

Web infrastructure architecture

We develop and architecture large-scale web systems. We can turn your MVP into a scalable live production system, or re-architect your existing business system to make it more reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.

Website performance optimization

Grow your revenue and reduce your costs by optimizing the performance of your website and application.

How we can help with your digital business

Website performance optimisation for website and application

Managed security, incident, performance, cost for website and servers

Data processing, analytics, intelligence, automation solution

User growth, monetisation solution for digital website and publishers

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