Digital Publisher Solution

UniConsent CMP for GDPR / CCPA

UniConsent provides the solution to ensure GDPR compliance for publishers. UniConsent is a consent management provider approved by IAB Europe.

Transfon Gateway

Transfon Gateway protects your web application and data, but also monitors and optimizes the performance of your website or mobile API.

PubPayment for Digital Publisher

Pubpayment is the payment solution for digital publishers. Make it easy to collect reward, contribution, membership fees, passes fees from loyal audience.

PubPerf performance monitoring solution

Continuous user experience checking and monitoring. Tags monitoring and tracking.

Ads.txt Manager

Make it easy to manage ads.txt, ads.txt management and insight tool for publishers and agency.

Customer Journey Management

Customer acquisition, retention, personalisation and automation for marketers.

Modern Content Management Middleware

Sync Content with Google AMP, Apple News, Google News, Google sitemaps, Rss Feed, Social networks etc.

Programmatic Bidding Stack

Simplify your programmatic ad-stack and bring header bidding in house

PubSurge First party data platform

First party data platform for digital publishers, user engagement solution.

Fast Tag Enterprise Tag Management

Effortless implementation with one single fast-tag solution, customise and manage all your tags with one fast-tag.

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