About Transfon

Established in 2017, Transfon collaborates with rapidly expanding digital publishers. We leverage AI technology to enhance system performance, ensure privacy and security, facilitate regulatory compliance, optimize revenue growth, and control costs for fast-growing publishers and marketing companies.

Transfon product suite includes UniSignIn DMP, UniConsent CMP, Pubperf PMP, BiddingStack AMP, among others, supporting hundreds of global publishers and reaching hundreds of millions of users monthly.

We specialize in developing software-as-a-service solutions with a focus on Regtech (regulatory technology), Martech (marketing technology), and Adtech (advertising technology).

Transfon Expertise

  • Large-scale and concurrent, real-time web system and infrastructure.
  • Privacy computing research and building privacy first infrastructure.
  • High-performance system management and optimisation.
  • Technical search engine optimisation and search marketing.
  • Cloud infrastructure performance security management and cost control.

Transfon Philosophy

  • Adaptive
  • Resilient
  • Innovative

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