Transfon Commerce Services

GDPR Compliance

Integrate your marketing tags and E-Commerce website with GDPR-ready consent. Please check more: UniConsent Consent solution for E-Commerce.

Security and Data protection

Our E-Commerce solution keep your system secure and protect customer's data, product pricing data.

Payment Gateway Integration

We help you integrate with popular payment gateways such as Stripe or Braintree.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Compliance

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is being introduced by EU regulators to reduce online fraud and make the internet a safer place to transact.

Run it on the Cloud

We build your E-Commerce system on the Cloud or move it into Cloud.

All the E-Commerce components

Payment system, Invoice, Email List, Customer Support, Shipping and Carriers, Return, Multiple language support.

Fitting your existed websites

Either you have a cooperation website or media website, we are able to build E-Commerce with your existed theme.

24/7 support

Our expert team provide 24/7 support of your E-Commerce system.

Makerting Solution for E-Commerce

Search Engine Optimization

Campaign Setup and Optimization. Pages Optimized. Keyword Research. On-Page Optimization.

Tracking and analysis

Business Analysis. Consumer Analysis. Competitor Analysis. Google Analytics Installation. Google Webmaster Installation. Call To Action Plan.


We help you manage Google Ads (Google Adwords) account and Campaign.

Social Marketing

Social Bookmarking. Link Building. Local Business Listings.

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