AWS RDS vs Self-managed MySQL


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Technical stack design and chosen is very important for initial stage start-ups. If we can do it right, the future issues could be avoided. There are many factors to build a scalable, cost efficient, high-performance system, but we will discuss a lot bit of the database vendor choices.


MySQL vs MongoDB

MySQL is the most widely used database which supports ACID:

  • Atomicity
  • Consistency
  • Isolation
  • Durability

Compare with MongoDB (NoSQL), MySQL (RDBMS) can be used in the transactional system. Lots of e-commerce systems use MySQL as the core trading database. It is free, mature, with a big technical community.

Features of AWS RDS

AWS RDS is a mantainance free MySQL system, you don't have to do:

  • Hardware provisioning
  • Database setup
  • Software patching
  • Data backup
  • Setup and managed the read replica
  • Manually setup if you like to switch to a larger instance

It provides the features such as:

  • Hot standby at another available zone (Multiple AZ) and automatic switch over when the master database fails with in 2 minutes downtime
  • Automatic backup and snapshot
  • Automatic scale up or down (with downtime)
  • Tunned High-performance network and I/O

Self-managed MySQL or AWS RDS

Compare the price of the RDS with the same CPU/disk EC2 instance (db.m4.large vs m4.large):

| Aspect | m4.large (EC2) | db.m4.large (RDS) | Multi-az RDS | | ------- | -------------- | ----------------- | ------------ | | Memory | 8 GB | 8 GB | 8 GB | | CPU | 2 vCPUs | 2 vCPUs | 2 vCPUs | | Storage | - | - | - | | Price | $84.680 | $148.190 | $296.380 |

You can see the on-demand price of RDS is roughly double the price of self-managed MySQL on the similar EC2 instance; the price of multi-az RDS doubles the single instance RDS.

How to choose

  • If the database is running for critical business, you can choose multi-AZ RDS;
  • If you have inhouse expert DBA, and system expert you can choose self-managed MySQL on EC2 instance;
  • For average usage, We would recommend single instance AWS RDS.
  • If you like to find someone to manage the cost efficient system for you, the please check Managed AWS service.