Complete Programmatic Header Bidding Stack for Publisher

Simplify your programmatic ad-stack and bring header bidding in house with Prebid.js, Amazon UAM, Google Exchange Bidding / EBDA in one stack. Support multi-format and allow direct competition between banner, native, and/or video bids.

Run all three header bidding stack together

Using Amazon UAM together with Prebid header bidding and Google EBDA to maximize exposure to bidders.

Server-side Prebid solution

Move and migrate the latency to server side to reduce the latency and improve the user experience.

High availability and reliability

Build-in high availability infrastructure on the Cloud, making sure there is no down-time to cause revenue loss.

One time Fast-Tag integration solution

Effortless implementation with one single fast-tag solution, customise and manage all your header bidding settings and inventory formats at Bidding Stack.

Easy-to-use real-time report and insights

Avoid losing money because of missing optimisation. Manage your partners and get real-time multiple dimensional ad performance metrics and reports.

Demand marketplace for Display, video and native campaigns

Save time and activate your programmatic demand partners with effortless connections from Bidding Stack Demand Marketplace.